Luke Hayden

Talking Hoosier Baseball – Postgame Media – Ohio State Sunday

Indiana sweeps the Buckeyes in the double header and the series

By Carl James @jovian34 March 26th, 2023 – game photo by Zach Greene for

The Hoosiers completed a doubleheader and Big Ten (B1G) series sweep on Sunday at the Bart against Ohio State. For the second straight day the Buckeyes jumped to a multi-run lead early, and for the second day the Hoosier bats responded. This time by putting up a crooked number and taking the lead in the bottom of the third inning. After the Hoosiers lost the lead again, Matthew Ellis had the big three run blast in the bottom of the seventh to put Indiana up for good. Luke Sinnard went 6 innings giving up four earned runs in a no-decision. Craig Yoho got the win after allowing an inherited run score the go-ahead run on two error pick-off play and then pitching two scoreless after the Hoosier responded again.

In game two the Hoosiers jumped into the lead early in a tight game that was sealed by a 3.1 inning, 1-run save by Luke Hayden. After the doubleheader, the media met with Coach Mercer, Ellis, and Hayden.