B1G Standings

Only Big Ten series count toward the standings. The top 8 teams by winning percentage will be invited to the B1G Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska. Ties below are broken daily using Big Ten Baseball Tournament Tie-Breaker Procedures.

*The tiebreakers are for qualification and seeding in the B1G Tournament. The regular season championship has no tiebreaker and if multiple teams share the highest winning percentage they would all be declared co-champions.


Additional notes:

  • [#] denotes D1Baseball.com national ranking
  • [e] denotes eliminated from B1G Tournament qualification
  • [i] denotes clinched a B1G Tournament invitation
  • [x] denotes eliminated from B1G Regular Season Title Race
  • [c] denotes clinched outright B1G Regular Season Title
  • Tiebreaker:
    • Illinois over Michigan State (head-to-head)


Indiana: 40-16 Overall (.714) • 16-8 B1G (0.667) • 2nd Place

PlaceTeamRecordWin %GBRPI
1 [20][c] [i]Maryland17-7.7080.047
2 [i][x]Indiana16-8.6671.027
3 [i][x]Iowa15-8.6521.533
4 [i][x]Nebraska15-9.6252.0104
5 [i][x]Rutgers14-10.5833.061
6 [i][x]Michigan13-11.5424.0135
7 [i][x]Illinois12-12.5005.088
8 [i][x]Michigan State12-12.5005.066





9 [e][x]Purdue11-13.4586.0210
10 [e][x]Minnestota10-14.4177.0205
11 [e][x]Ohio State9-15.3758.073
12 [e][x]Penn State7-16.3049.5145
13 [e][x]Northwestern4-20.16713.0261