Read All About It – B1G Ten Tournament Game 1

Sometimes it happens that quick. No score , inning after inning. Break up the no hitter. Leave a few guys on. Get out of a few jams in the field. Still no score. 
But then    

Via IU Recap 
Then you’re left asking yourself what just happened? 
BB,WP,E6,E9 just happened. 
Execution, Execution, Execution. 
Never take it for granted, because when it’s missing, you are reminded real quick how important it is. Gotta make the plays your supposed to in games like this. Postseason games turn on the lack of it all the time. 
Four out of the eight teams invited to this tournament will not be playing on Friday. Two because they won’t play until Saturday and two because their Tournament is over. 
You can read below some recaps of last nights game and how it ended up that today at around 2pm it is now win or go home. 
Score some runs and execute better today and it’s Friday Night Lights one more time in Omaha for Hoosier Baseball. 
Go Hoosiers 
— CF 
Zach Osterman 
Mike Miller 
Stu Jackson




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