Five to Watch – Week 10 Results

by Carl James • @jovian34 • April 21

I picked four of the five series the correct way this week, although only three went a way the Hoosiers wanted. The biggest news is that Nebraska stumbled and the Illini are looking much better after just one week.

Nebraska 22-13 (11-4) at Iowa 23-15 (9-6 Big Ten)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Iowa Sweep

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 2-1 Iowa

Actual Result: 2-1 Iowa

Hawkeyes helped the Hoosiers take a percentage lead in the B1G by winning this series over Nebraska. The Hawkeyes have been on fire since being swept by the Hoosiers. Iowa now on path to a high seed in the B1G Tourney and still in the hunt for a league title. The Hawkeyes are the now best team the Hoosier’s have faced in the B1G and the only one the Hoosiers have managed to sweep.


Indiana State (29-9, 6-3 MO Valley) at Evansville (19-17, 6-3 MO Valley)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Evansville Sweep

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 2-1 Evansville

Actual Result: 2-1 Indiana State

The #6 RPI conference, the Missouri Valley has been a circular firing squad so far with Missouri State who has taken a series from Indiana State, who took this series from Evansville, who took a series from Dallas Baptist, now leaving Illinois State at the top of the league. Guess who plays next week? Who wants to bet against Dallas Baptist taking 2 of 3 over Illinois State? I sure don’t.

For now, both Evansville and Indiana State remain in the RPI top-50 for now which is huge for the Hoosiers. Evansville needs to start winning again or that 4-0 sweep will drop off of the Hoosier’s top-50 metric on the postseason resume.


Northwestern (16-20, 5-7 B1G) at Michigan (28-11, 8-3 B1G)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Some sort of split

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 3-0 Michigan

Actual Result: 3-0 Michigan

Michigan continues to do what Indiana has struggled with: get sweeps against sub-.500 B1G teams.


#25 Tennesse (30-11, 9-9 SEC) at Kentucky (20-20, 4-14 SEC)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Tennessee Sweep

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 2-1 Tennessee

Actual Result: 3-0 Tennessee

Just got to smile at this one. BBN is inaugurating their new $50 million ballpark with a 4-14 run through the SEC. This also makes the sweep the Hoosiers suffered look less bad. 


Penn State (17-18, 1-13 B1G) at Illinois (25-13, 6-6 B1G)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Penn State series win

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 2-1 Illinois

Actual Result: 3-0 Illinois

Illinois has quickly got itself back on track. Now at .500 in the B1G and thanks to the stumbling of Nebraska and Indiana the Illini are suddenly seeing a possible path back to a league title if they return to playing like they did early in the year. The Illini still need a lot of help, but this largely repairs their post-season standing and they have also reclaimed the RPI lead by one rank over the Hoosiers 

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