Live Blog – Purdue Sunday

Hoosiers try to clinch the series and stay in the B1G title hunt

By Carl James @jovian34 May 14th, 2023

Top 9th: Purdue 2, Indiana 10 (FINAL)

Sam Murison and Morgan Colopy enter the outfield as defensive replacements. Two strike outs start the inning. Hoosiers SWEEP!

Bottom 8th: Purdue 2, Indiana 10

Hoosiers strand one runner. Indiana has not scored since the fourth inning.

Top 8th: Purdue 2, Indiana 10

Connor Foley is the new Hoosier pitcher. He walks the first batter. He then gets into another hitters count, but gets a flyout to Whalen. Foley touches 96-MPH as he gets ahead and strikes out the next batter. He starts mixing in an 84-MPH curveball he’s throwing early in the count. The inning ends on a groundball out.

Top 7th: Purdue 2, Indiana 10

Ben “Bigs” Seiler is the new Hoosier pitcher and goes 1-2-3 to get the game to the stretch.

Bottom 6th: Purdue 2, Indiana 10

Hoosiers threaten but fail to score.

Top 6th: Purdue 2, Indiana 10

Craig Yoho works around a walk to keep the Hoosier lead intact.

Bottom 5th: Purdue 2, Indiana 10

Bottom 4th: Purdue 2, Indiana 8

Phillip Glasser walks to get the inning started. Bobby Whalen rips a double down the left field line scoring Glasser.

Top 4th: Purdue 2, Indiana 7

Craig Yoho just dominates in his first inning of work with two strikeouts showing off his wicked curveball and getting an easy groundout to end the inning.

Bottom 3rd: Purdue 2, Indiana 7

Bobby Whalen leads off with a single. Devin Taylor fouls off a 3-2 pitch and draws a walk to get Whalen into scoring position with no outs. Tibbitts sneaks a fly ball down the line for a single and Mathison drives in Whalen with a ground out. Josh Pyne’s bat remains hot and he drives in two with an RBI single. Jessee moves Pyne over with a groundout and Cerny drives in Pyne with an RBI single.

Top 3rd: Purdue 2, Indiana 3

A lead off single gets into scoring position with a stolen base. Bothwell puts runners on the corners with two outs via a walk. Craig Yoho is warming as pitching coach Dustin Glant comes to talk to Bothwell. A stolen base puts both runs into scoring position and a Connor Caskenette single drives in two runs.

Bottom 2nd: Purdue 0, Indiana 3

Josh Pyne rips a line drive over the left center field wall for a two-run homer to start the scoring for Indiana. Tyler Cerny gets Hunter Jessee to third with a single and Peter Serruto plates Jessee with an RBI groundout.

Top 2nd: Purdue 0, Indiana 0

Ty Bothwell fills up the zone and is even getting his 93MPH stuff in for strikes and goes 1-2-3 with flyouts.

Top 1st: Purdue 0, Indiana 0

Ty Bothwell was working from behind but managed the inning well. One batter got on via a walk, but Bothwell picked off that runner. Another batter got via an error with a rare drop of a low throw to Tibbitts at first base. Bothwell finally worked ahead and got a strikeout to end the inning.


After a successful 3 inning start on Wednesday at Xavier, Ty Bothwell will open as the Hoosiers attempt to sweep the Boilermakers. Bothwell is now throwing a fastball from two different arm slots varying the approach angle and the velocity to confuse the hitters. Coach Mercer said that Purdue is most susceptible to “stuff” and Ty has some of the best staff among the remaining arms available for the weekend. Indiana is mostly hoping that the bats stay hot and give the pitchers some breathing room.