Live Blog: Ohio State Friday (POSTPONED)

UPDATE – No Baseball on Friday – Series now starts Saturday 1pm, DH on Sunday 11am

By Carl James @jovian34 March 24th, 2023

No Baseball Friday

It was misting as I got to the Bart at 3pm on Friday. Ohio State was taking batting practice but word just went out that no baseball will be played on Friday. There will be a single game on Saturday at 1pm. Most likely it will be Ohio State ace Isaiah Coupet (3-1 1.08 ERA) with a very impressive 0.80 WHIP going against Hoosier Luke Sinnard (3-0, 3.33 ERA, 1.00 WHIP).

Weather Watch – 2:15pm

If anything, the forecast has improved with all rain in the 4-7p window under the “light” line.

Weather Watch – 1pm

Now‘s rainfall graphic extends late enough to see anticipated rainfall in quarter hour increments for four hours after the scheduled first pitch at 4pm.

Bloomington predicted rainfall for 3/24/2023 as of 1pm – Courtesy of

If this pans out the rain should stay in the “light” range during expected game time. We have not heard anything to the contrary of a 4pm first pitch, but will keep monitoring.

Weather Watch – 12 noon

Rain is in the forecast in Bloomington. By looking at the expected rain totals we can see why the move from 6pm to 4pm likely happened. While not ideal, Bart Kaufman Field is playable during relatively light rain in the 4p-7pm window. We will keep you posted on any changes to the schedule and forecast as we get them.