Live Blog – Michigan State Saturday

Hoosiers play to salvage a win in East Lansing

By Carl James @jovian34 May 20th, 2023

Bottom 9th: Hoosiers 6, Spartans 5 (FINAL)

Foley is back out for the ninth. The “hands team” of Morgan Colopy and Sam Murrison are in the outfield. A lead off single up the middle starts the Spartan threat. Another single brings the tying run to the plate. Foley’s fastball gets a strikeout. Vradenberg doubles to plate two and get the tying run to second base with one out. After an intentional walk, Foley gets out number two with the high heat. He then hits 96-MPH and wins it for the Hoosiers with a strikeout.

Top 9th: Hoosiers 5, Spartans 3

Hunter Jessee hits a two out single but is stranded.

Bottom 8th: Hoosiers 6, Spartans 3

Foley still throwing gas, strikes out Vrandenberg. Foley losses command and walks a runner into scoring position. Ben Seiler is tossing the bullpen as Dustin Glant pays Foley a visit. Foley strikes out the next batter. Foley then hits a batter with an 0-2 pitch loading the bases. 95-MPH gas ends the inning.

Top 8th: Hoosiers 6, Spartans 3

Brock Tibbitts pounds a chopper through the 4-hole opposite the shift for a single. Mathison then bunts to where a third baseman wasn’t beating another shift. Pyne pops a bunt up. Taylor drives his third hit of the day through the shift to plate Tibbitts and get Mathison to third base. Cerny drives in Mathison with an RBI fielder’s choice.

Bottom 7th: Hoosiers 4, Spartans 3

Connor Foley gets a strikeout with a batter’s attentiveness violation and then uses 97-MPH heat to get another. A fly ball gets the Hoosiers back in the dugout.

Top 7th: Hoosiers 4, Spartans 3

Glasser rips a single to the gap with one out. Glasser gets into scoring position with a wild pitch. Tibbitts is just out on ground ball. Glasser is at third with two outs. Jessee flies out to center. Glasser is stranded. Time to stretch.

Bottom 6th: Hoosiers 4, Spartans 3

A lead off single sets the table for Michigan State. Another single puts runners on the corners. This prompts a mound visit from pitching coach Dustin Glant. Hayden induces a 6-4-3 double play conceding the one run. ⭐ Phillip Glasser robs a single on the ground and throws the runner out to end the inning.

Top 6th: Hoosiers 4, Spartans 2

Carter Mathison shows bunt against the shift and works a 3-1 count. He then crushes a ball over the right field fence. Taylor hits into a fielder’s choice and stays out of the double play to keep the inning alive. Cerny lines out to third base to end the inning.

Bottom 5th: Hoosiers 3, Spartans 2

A single and a stolen base have Michigan State threatening with no outs. A shallow fly is out one with no runner advancement. A line drive single puts runners on the corners. Bothwell’s day is done. Luke Hayden is the new Indiana pitcher. Hayden gets a critical strike out with a runner on third. Hayden walks Brock Vrandenberg. A single plates a run, but ⭐ Hunter Jessee guns down the would be tying run at home to end the inning. Play was reviewed and stands.

Top 5th: Hoosiers 3, Spartans 1

Devin Taylor crushes his second home run of the game. Tyler Cerny rips a double with no outs. Peter Serruto hits a single and now the Hoosiers have first and third with no outs. Phillip Glasser hits a sacrifice fly to center to dirve in Cerny.

Bottom 4th: Hoosiers 1, Spartans 1

A pop fly lands away from the extreme shift for a lead off double in left field. A fly ball to shallow right is the first out. A deeper fly ball gets the runner to third with two outs.

Top 4th: Hoosiers 1, Spartans 1

A pair of two-out walks are stranded.

Bottom 3rd: Hoosiers 1, Spartans 1

Bothwell is dealing. Another 1-2-3 inning. A couple of fly balls and a strikeout on a curveball.

Top 3rd: Hoosiers 1, Spartans 1

DEVIN TAYLOR 💣ties the game.

Bottom 2nd: Hoosiers 0, Spartans 1

Bothwell works a quick 1-2-3 inning and is only at 30 pitches after two.

Top 2nd: Hoosiers 0, Spartans 1

Carter Mathison has a loud out, but Powers sets the Hoosiers down 1-2-3 yet again.

Bottom 1st: Hoosiers 0, Spartans 1

Ty Bothwell surrenders two singles. A balk after the first hit put the runner in scoring position meaning the second single drove in a run. Bothwell catches a pop up himself in foul territory to end the inning.

Top 1st: Hoosiers 0, Spartans 0

Spartan lefty Nick Powers sets the Hoosiers down in order.