2021 Fall Ball at Cincy

Live Blog at Cincinnati Wednesday

Hoosiers take their show on the road to Queen City

By Carl James @jovian34 April 19th, 2023

Bottom 9th: Hoosiers 11, Bearcats 9 (FINAL)

Vega back out for the ninth. Sam Murrison and Morgan Colopy enter the game in the corner outfield positions. Cerny knocks down a single but can’t make the throw in time giving Cininnati a lead off base runner. A single and double plate a run with one out. A 3-2 walk loads the bases with one out.

Jeff Mercer makes a call to the bullpen. Luke Hayden is the new Hoosier pitcher. A two RBI single cuts the lead to four. A wild pitch advances the runner. A check swing dribbler has Cincy down to their last out. A walk loads the bases bringing the tying run to the plate. A two RBI single puts the tying run on base. A fly ball is brought in by Whalen and Indiana survives.

Top 9th: Hoosiers 11, Bearcats 4

Indiana goes down 1-2-3.

Bottom 8th: Hoosiers 11, Bearcats 4

A high pop up is lost in the lights and dropped, but the runner is caught trying to get to second. Vega faces the minimum and is essentially cruising.

Top 8th: Hoosiers 11, Bearcats 4

Cerny is robbed of extra bases at the right field wall, and Jessee is doubled up to end the inning with no base runners.

Bottom 7th: Hoosiers 11, Bearcats 4

Peter Serruto is in to catch. Put a ⭐ on that one… Cerny makes a great grab while shifted into in shallow center. Vega ends the inning with a strikeout.

Top 7th: Hoosiers 11, Bearcats 4

Jessee goes the other way on the first pitch of the inning for a single. Cerny drives him in with a double to the wall. Evan Goforth pinch hits for Riley Langerman and reaches on a four pitch walk. This prompts a pitching change. On possibility for the Hoosiers defensively would be for Goforth to stay in the game and play first base moving Tibbitts behind the plate.

Phillip Glasser is plunked to load the bases with no outs. Whalen strikes out and Cerny is caught by a catcher back pick. Taylor than unloads on the next pitch for a THREE RUN BOMB, 422 feet, over the right field fence, restoring the prior seven run lead.

Bottom 6th: Hoosiers 7, Bearcats 4

Vega strikes out the first two batters of the inning. Then a double is sent down the left field line. Vega regroups and finishes the inning with his fourth strikeout of the day.

Top 6th: Hoosiers 7, Bearcats 4

Hoosier bats have gone quiet. A 1-2-3 inning gets the Bearcats back in their dugout quickly.

Bottom 5th: Hoosiers 7, Bearcats 4

Ty Bothwell is the new Indiana pitcher. Bothwell has struggled with a command in his most recent outings. He gets ahead 1-2, but three straight balls equals a walk with the last two well outside. Head Coach Jeff Mercer makes a pitching change, bringing in Wes Burton. Burton strikes out his first batter, but walks the next putting a runner scoring position. Burton missess high on two fastballs prompting a mound visit from Glasser, then joined by the whole infield and pitching coach Dustin Glant. A full count single puts the Bearcats on the board. After a strikeout Burton walks the bases loaded and Mercer goes to the ‘pen again. Adrian Vega is in to put out the fire, but a bases clearing double makes it a three run game. Vega ends the inning with a strikeout.

Top 5th: Hoosiers 7, Bearcats 0

Glasser works a two out walk after launching his bat past Zach Weatherford. The Cincinnati DJ taunts him with “Wrecking Ball”. Whalen then surprises the Cincy defense with a bunt single, but Taylor grounds out to second to end the inning.

Bottom 4th: Hoosiers 7, Bearcats 0

Risedorph gives up a double to left, but no damage.

Top 4th: Hoosiers 7, Bearcats 0

Tibbitts gets plunked to lead off the inning against a new Bearcat pitcher. Mathison strikes out and Pyne is out on a check swing infield pop up. Jessee grounds out up the first base line to end the inning.

Bottom 3rd: Hoosiers 7, Bearcats 0

Risedorph is dealing. A 1-2-3 inning for the freshman up to a season high 6 strikeouts.

Top 3rd: Hoosiers 7, Bearcats 0

A two out rally via a Glasser single and a Whalen RBI double extends the Hoosier lead. Taylor flies out to the warning track in right to end the inning.

Bottom 2nd: Hoosiers 6, Bearcats 0

Alec Jones is the first Cincinnati baserunner with a one out single. Brayden Risedorph then climbs the ladder blowing fastballs by the next two batters to end the inning.

Top 2nd: Hoosiers 6, Bearcats 0

Hunter Jessee works a full count walk and Tyler Cerny golfs a ball over the left field fence to give the Hoosiers a three run lead. Riley Langerman works a full count walk. This prompts a Cincinnati mound visit. Glasser replaces Langerman on a ground ball fielder’s choice. The walks keep coming as Whalen gets on via four straight balls. Taylor loads the bases with one out via another walk prompting a Cincy pitching change. Tibbitts then hits a deep sacrifice fly ball to center. Mathison drives in another with a single up the middle. The hits just keep on coming in the mid week as Josh Pyne drives in one with a two-out single. Jessee, who started the inning with a walk, ends it with a strikeout.

Bottom 1st: Hoosiers 1, Bearcats 0

Brayden Risedorph goes 1-2-3 with a fly out, a strikeout, and a ground out.

Top 1st: Hoosiers 1, Bearcats 0

Phillip Glasser leads off the game with a single. Bobby Whalen strikes out. Its a homecoming to the Cincinnati area for Devin Taylor. Glasser steals second while Taylor works the count. Taylor grounds out to first base getting Glasser to third with two outs. Brock Tibbitts drives in Glasser with an infield RBI single. Carter Mathison walks. A wild pitch puts two runners in scoring position for Josh Pyne who is just out at first on a grounder.