Live Blog – Louisville Tuesday

Hoosiers host no. 12 Louisville at the BART

By Carl James @jovian34 April 18th, 2023

Top 9th: no. 12 Louisville 3, Indiana 7 (FINAL)

Yoho is back out for the ninth. He strikes out the lead off batter. Then comes right back and strikes out the next. He falls behind 3-1 to Viering. The count goes fulls and Viering pulls a ball foul. Then a ground ball to Cerny seals the marquee victory!

Bottom 8th: no. 12 Louisville 3, Indiana 7

Hoosiers go down 1-2-3.

Top 8th: no. 12 Louisville 3, Indiana 7

Craig Yoho is the new Indiana pitcher. He gives up a lead-off ground ball single to right field. A strikeout and stolen base have one out with a runner in scoring position. Serruto attempts a back-pick but is wide on the throw which gets the runner to third. Yoho gets a strikeout on the next pitch. An RBI single to right cuts the Indiana lead to four. The run is unearned as the inning ends on a flyout.

Bottom 7th: no. 12 Louisville 2, Indiana 7

Pyne strikes out looking on a full count. Jessee grounds out. Cerny draws a 4-pitch walk and then steals second base on an 0-2 ball to Serruto. Serruto looks at strike three.

Top 7th: no. 12 Louisville 2, Indiana 7

Phillips allows a lead-off walk with his 54th pitch of the night. This prompts Craig Yoho to start throwing in the IU bullpen. A single up the middle gets misplayed in the outfield scoring one and putting the runner on second with one out. Phillips strikes out the next batter on three pitches. Phillips then plays a swinging bunt himself and sends the game to the stretch with a 5-run Hoosier lead.

Bottom 6th: no. 12 Louisville 1, Indiana 7

Serruto draws a one-out walk. After Whalen strikes out, Louisville makes another pitching change. A Taylor walk and Tibbitts single scores Serruto extending the lead.

Top 6th: no. 12 Louisville 1, Indiana 6

Phillip Glasser fields a chopper off the mound to record the first out of the inning. After a one-out walk, Wes Burton starts tossing in the Hoosier bullpen. Phillips gets out of the inning himself with a strikeout/batter interference double play.

Bottom 5th: no. 12 Louisville 1, Indiana 6

Josh Pyne rips a 92-MPH fastball up the middle for a 1-out single but is left stranded.

Top 5th: no. 12 Louisville 1, Indiana 6

After two quick outs, Phillips allows a base runner with a full count walk, then fields the last out of the inning.

Bottom 4th: no. 12 Louisville 1, Indiana 6

Tyler Cerny gets on via strikeout wild pitch. Serruto advances him with a sac bunt. Cerny tries to take third on a wild pitch. Louisville’s catcher rushes the throw wild and Cerny scores. A couple more base runners are left stranded.

Top 4th: no. 12 Louisville 1, Indiana 5

Ethan Phillips three-up, three down with weak contact. Josh Pyne makes a great throw to get the last out of the inning.

Bottom 3rd: no. 12 Louisville 1, Indiana 5

Hunter Jessee works a full count walk and Cerny advances him with a single. Serruto advances them both with a sacrifice bunt. Phillip Glasser drives in a run with an infield single. Louisville goes to the bullpen. A Bobby Whalen single drives in another and an errant throw by the center fielder gets both runners into scoring position with one out.

Devin Taylor drives in two more with a single up the middle, prompting a Louisville mound visit. Mound visit doesn’t help. After a wild pitch, the Hoosier hit parade continues with a Tibbitts RBI single. Then comes the second pitching change of the inning. Again, no help as Mathison singles as well. Pyne hits a infield fly to record the second out. Jessee is back up for the second time in the inning and strikes out to end.

Top 3rd: no. 12 Louisville 1, Indiana 0

Will Vierling pulls a ball high over the right field fence 416′ for a solo home run to give the Cards the early lead with one out. Noah Smith rips a double off the left field bullpen. Vierling and Smith are both hitting under .200 on the year. Jeff Mercer elects to go with Ethan Phillips to face the top of the order. Phillips uses a 92-MPH fastball to setup a 78-MPH breaker to strikeout his first batter. Pyne fields a ground ball to end the inning.

Bottom 2nd: no. 12 Louisville 0, Indiana 0

Brock Tibbitts fouls off a couple of 3-2 pitches before flying out to center. Louisville employs an extreme pull shift on Carter Mathison, who strikes out on a full count pitch. Josh Pyne slaps the first pitch he sees to right field which hangs up and as is caught for the third out.

Top 2nd: no. 12 Louisville 0, Indiana 0

Seti Manase continues to induce weak contact and then concludes a quick 1-2-3- inning with a strikeout.

Bottom 1st: no. 12 Louisville 0, Indiana 0

A couple of weak ground balls to the right side and Lousiville’s Webster ends the 1-2-3 with a pop-up.

Top 1st: no. 12 Louisville 0, Indiana 0

A 6-4-3 double play erases a lead-off single.



Seti Manase will be starting for Indiana. LHP Evan Webster will going for Louisville. Webster has been up and down on the season and has mostly been pitching in short stints.