Five to Watch in Week 10

by Carl James • @jovian34 • April 18

Lots of great series, some starting Thursday (due to Easter Sunday) that may impact the Hoosiers in the B1G or postseason


Nebraska 21-11 (10-2) at Iowa 21-14 (7-5 Big Ten)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Iowa Sweep

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 2-1 Iowa

Hoosiers are Hawkeye fans this weekend. With the Hoosiers having swept Iowa and not playing Nebraska in a 2019 B1G series, it is very clear the Hoosiers want Iowa to dominate. Nebraska leads Indiana by three games in the win column in the B1G standings and it would make the Hoosiers’ road to a B1G title much easier if Nebraska can get two or three losses on the weekend. Iowa has been hot lately and this may be one of the best opportunities for IU to take control of the B1G lead.


Indiana State (27-8, 4-2 MO Valley) at Evansville (18-15, 5-1 MO Valley)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Evansville Sweep

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 2-1 Evansville

The Aces and Sycamores are both reeling from recent poor weekends against B1G opponents. ISU lost a series at Michigan State and Evansville was swept in a four-game set by Indiana. Evansville still is on top of the Missouri Valley standings and in the top-50 of the RPI. It will be a big benefit to the Hoosiers if the Aces can finish the season in this range to make that series sweep a “quality” sweep on the Hoosiers’ postseason resume.


Northwestern (16-17, 5-4 B1G) at Michigan (25-11, 5-3 B1G)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Some sort of split

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 3-0 Michigan

Northwestern has been hot in the B1G and Michigan has been a bit of a disappointment based on the evaluations made on the talent the team has. This will be a very interesting series. Northwestern wants to make the B1G Tourney and Michigan needs wins to make a run a B1G title. From and RPI perspective Indiana would prefer Michigan to win as the Hoosiers do not play Northwestern this season, but Michigan is also more likely to be a competitor for a B1G title so a loss or two could help the Hoosiers in the B1G standings.


#25 Tennesse (27-11, 6-9 SEC) at Kentucky (20-17, 4-11 SEC)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Tennessee Sweep

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 2-1 Tennessee

For RPI and looks the better Tennessee finishes the easier it is to explain away that awful weekend in February. Plus it’s Kentucky (do Indiana fans really need more reason to root against #BBN?).


Penn State (17-15, 1-10 B1G) at Illinois (22-13, 3-6 B1G)

Preferred Hoosier outcome: Penn State series win

Carl’s Predicted Outcome: 2-1 Illinois

This one is more of a curiosity. Penn State looked good against Indiana (especially on Friday). Illinois still has a good RPI. The Hoosiers probably prefer Penn State here just because Illinois is a greater threat in the B1G. 

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