Talking Hoosier Baseball – Season 2 Episode 13

By Josh Bennett • @jmbennett22 • May 13, 2019

As incredible as this is to think about… this is the last regular season podcast of 2019. As always the season just seems to fly by!

Feeny gives out the red-belts with an assist from Carl who made the road-trip and saw the plays firsthand, while scoring some great post-game interviews for the second weekend in a row.

Cass did a great job hosting and giving us her stats, as well as handling game preview duties!

More importantly we all get to chime in with honoring the Seniors who have given so much to this program. Our capsules don’t do justice to what they’ve done for the program, but we took our shot.

As a reminder, there are only 4 home games remaining on the schedule. Please come out to support the Seniors on Saturday, and give a warm sendoff to the Juniors who may not be with us next season. We really appreciate all they’ve given to the program, and it’s been a pleasure to watch them play!

As always we hope you enjoy…. and maybe get a little “Misty Eyed” this weekend:




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