Talking Hoosier Baseball – Season 2 Episode 11

By Josh Bennett • @jmbennett22 • April 30, 2019

Did this feel like a 3-1 week to you? To me it feels like years ago when Dunham hit his no doubter and we watched Gorski get to a ball he had no business getting to. Oh and Matt Lloyd hit a bomb that completely turned around what could have been a bad week for Indiana. All who follow Hoosier Baseball had quite the emotional roller-coaster this week!

Coach Z got to ring the Victory Bell once again!

coach z indy 2019

Chris nailed the Red-Belts once again.

Cass gives us some excellent stats, as always, with an update on what could be a record breaking season.

Carl gives us a “bleacher report” and the outlook on where we stand as far as making the tourney.

But to me the highlight was the mailbag question where we all got to discuss our most memorable moments at The Bart! Thanks Brent for the question!

As always, we hope you enjoy!




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