Live Blog – Ohio Saturday

Hoosiers attempt a series win over Ohio out of the MAC in game of weekend series (B1G-bye)

By Carl James @jovian34 April 22nd, 2023

Top 9th: Ohio 2, Indiana 17 (FINAL)

Seiler gives up a pair of one-out singles. ⭐Evan Goforth playing first base now, is drawn off of the bag by a throw and applies a tag to make the second out of the inning. A Seiler strikeout seals the series victory.

Bottom 8th: Ohio 2, Indiana 17

Cerny, Glasser, Sam Murrison, and Taylor all get hits and the Hoosiers plate four more insurance runs.

Top 8th: Ohio 2, Indiana 13

Ben Seiler is the new Indiana pitcher with an easy 1-2-3 inning.

Top 7th: Ohio 2, Indiana 13

Luke Sinnard was a throwing a plyo ball in the dugout during the long half inning and is back out for a seventh inning of work. Ben Seiler is now working the bullpen. Sinnard gets two quick strikeouts, his seventh and eighth of the game. ⭐Glasser makes another great play to end this 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom 6th: Ohio 2, Indiana 13

Mathison responds with a solo shot of his own 457′ off the bat at 109-MPH. Pyne gets his fourth hit of the day and scores on a 419′ shot by Tyler Cerny, his second of the day.

Top 6th: Ohio 2, Indiana 10

A one-out solo shot notches a small dent in the Hoosier lead. ⭐ Glasser makes a leaping grab to rob a hit and end the inning. Sinnard has thrown 81 pitches so far, two-thirds of which have been strikes.

Bottom 5th: Ohio 1, Indiana 10

The Hoosiers follow-up 4-run fourth, with three weak contact outs in the fifth.

Top 5th: Ohio 1, Indiana 10

Ohio gets a one-out threat with a double down the right field line. Sinnard ends the threat with a strikeout and groundout.

Bottom 4th: Ohio 1, Indiana 10

It’s a Hoosier hit parade. Glasser, Tibbitts, Mathison, and Pyne all collect hits to extend the Indiana lead by four more runs. Indiana bats around.

Top 4th: Ohio 1, Indiana 6

Following a similar pattern to the third inning, Sinnard gets two quick outs and walks a batter before ending the inning with no damage.

Bottom 3rd: Ohio 1, Indiana 6

Whalen and Taylor start the inning off with singles. A deep sacrifice fly by Tibbitts plates Whalen and Taylor advances into scoring position. Cerny just beats out a double play attempt to earn an RBI on a fielder’s choice. The umpire ruled that the first baseman came off the bag. The first baseman asked for a reply review, forgetting that he’s not playing in a MAC ballpark that has, he’s playing in a Power-5 ballpark that doesn’t.

Top 3rd: Ohio 1, Indiana 4

Sinnard worked around a two-out walk and ended the inning with another strikeout. Sinnard is being efficient, only needing 40 pitches to get through the first three innings.

Bottom 2nd: Ohio 1, Indiana 4

Pyne rips an RBI single and Tyler Cerny lifts a ball into the wind in right for a three-run homer.

Top 2nd: Ohio 1, Indiana 0

Lead-off hitter gets a ball up into the air in right field. With the wind blowing out hard to right it easily carried for a solo home run giving Ohio the early lead.

Bottom 1st: Ohio 0, Indiana 0

Glasser flew out to start the inning. Bobby Whalen was hit by a pitch, but caught trying to steal second. Devin Taylor grounded out to the second baseman.

Top 1st: Ohio 0, Indiana 0

Luke Sinnard starts the game with a strikeout. Josh Pyne and Phillip Glasser had a scary moment colliding in foul territory on a pop up. Sinnard finishes that batter with a swing strike as well. A two out single gets Ohio its first baserunner of the day. Inning ends on a line out to Hunter Jessee in left field.