Live Blog – Ohio Friday

Hoosiers host Ohio out of the MAC in first game of weekend series (B1G-bye)

By Carl James @jovian34 April 21st, 2023

Top 9th: Ohio 8, Indiana 9 (FINAL)

Kraft gives up a solo shot to cut the lead to to two. Colopy misplays a fly ball in right for a two-base error that gets the tying run to the plate. A run scores on a throwing error by Tyler Cerny. No outs and the tying run is on first. A base hit to right puts the tying run in scoring position. Kraft’s day is done. Connor Foley is the new Hoosier pitcher.

Foley is pumping 94-95 MPH gas and strikes out his first batter on a 2-2 fastball. Foley then hits the next batter in the helmet on an 0-2 count. He comes back pumping heat and gets another strikeout. The next pitch was high and Serruto lept to keep the ball from going to the backstop. A fly ball to right field ends the game. The Hoosiers escape another 9th any comeback.

Bottom 8th: Ohio 6, Indiana 9

Brock Tibbitts hits a double but is stranded.

Top 8th: Ohio 6, Indiana 9

Cerny plays a ground ball to get the leadoff runner out. A rocket ricochets off of Ryan Kraft’s foot and into centerfield for a single. A well hit ball is collected by Hunter Jessee now in left field after Morgan Colopy came in as a defensive replacement for Mathison.

Bottom 7th: Ohio 6, Indiana 9

Cerny and Serruto both flyout to left field. Glasser grounds out to shortstop.

Top 7th: Ohio 6, Indiana 9

Ohio gets the lead off batter on base again with a single. That is the 13th Ohio hit of the game. Kraft walks the next batter on four straight pitches. A sacrifice bunt is recorded as an out by a great pick up and throw by Serruto. A run scores on an RBI groundout to Josh Pyne. Indiana gladly gives up the run to record the second out of the inning. Kraft plunks the next batter. Connor Foley is tossing in the Indiana bullpen. Kraft induces a flyout to end the inning.

Bottom 6th: Ohio 5, Indiana 9

Cerny rips a line drive up the middle for a lead off single. Serruto also goes up the middle and Cerny manages to get to third with no outs. Phillip Glasser slapped one the other way for a single that drives in Cerny. Bobby Whalen bounces a single off of home plate and an errant throw allows Serruto to score. Ohio brings the infield in. Tibbitts drives in another with a sacrifice fly. Mathison fouls a 3-2 pitch off his foot then draws a walk. Pyne walks as well loading the bases for Hunter Jessee who fouls off several two-strike pitches. Jessee is tagged out in a close play on a chopper to the first baseman.

Top 6th: Ohio 5, Indiana 6

Kraft gets into immediate trouble with a lead-off double down the right field line. Kraft plunks the next batter, then regroups with a strikeout. Kraft’s 23-inning scoreless streak comes to an end with an RBI single. Kraft again battles right back and gets another strikeout. The inning ends on a flyout with the Hoosiers still in the lead.

Bottom 5th: Ohio 4, Indiana 6

Pyne rips a two-out double down the right field line, prompting an Ohio pitching change. Pyne is stranded.

Top 5th: Ohio 4, Indiana 6

A two-out double and another infield single on a bang-bang play has Kraft in a jam with runners on the corners. Kraft escapes the jam with a called strike three.

Bottom 4th: Ohio 4, Indiana 6

Bobby Whalen gets on via an infield single, but is stranded.

Top 4th: Ohio 4, Indiana 6

A lead-off hit in the right field gap bounced out and back in. Initially ruled a triple, Jeff Mercer asked for the umpires to discuss as a group and it was changed to a ground rule double. A single puts runners on the corners with no outs. Ey regroups and gets a strikeout, but walks the next batter on four pitches as Ryan Kraft starts throwing in the Indiana bullpen. Pitching coach Dustin Glant comes out for a mound visit. Another infield single plates a run and puts the tying run on base. A wild pitch scores one more and Jeff Mercer trots out to the mound to bring Kraft into the game with the tying run in scoring position. Despite inheriting a 1-0 count, Kraft goes right after the batter and gets a strikeout. A groundout to Kraft ends the threat keeping Indiana in the lead.

Bottom 3rd: Ohio 2, Indiana 6

Taylor and Brock Tibbitts walked. Mathison got on via an error. Pyne hit an infield RBI fielders choice. Jessee drives one in with an RBI ground out to the right side. Indiana has scored two runs in each inning so far. Cerny flies out to end the inning.

Top 3rd: Ohio 2, Indiana 4

Ey has settled in with a quick 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom 2nd: Ohio 2, Indiana 4

Josh Pyne flies out to right. Hunter Jessee gets on via an infield hit and advances to second with Tyler Cerny walk. Serruto skies an infield fly and is out despite the fact that ball is dropped. The runners advance and Jessee barely beats the throw to third. Phillip Glasser pulls a double down the left field line plating two.

Top 2nd: Ohio 2, Indiana 2

Ohio gets another 1-out single. The balls seem to be taking longer to get the IU fielders. Ohio also steals second and then a two-out RBI double ties the game.

Bottom 1st: Ohio 1, Indiana 2

Phillip Glasser rips the first pitch he sees right to the first baseman. Bobby Whalen goes the other way on the ground for a single. Devin Taylor rips a ball 464′ for a two run bomb.

Top 1st: Ohio 1, Indiana 0

A lead off single, a stolen base, a weakly hit infield single, and a sacrifice fly produce a run for Ohio. Tyler Cerny misplays a ground ball hit into his shift position. Another infield single loads the bases with two outs. Brooks Ey escapes the threat with a ground ball. He was mostly throwing fastballs 88-90 MPH in the first inning, but started to mix in an 83 MPH off-speed to the last couple of batters.


Indiana will be starting Junior righty Brooks Ey. Ohio will counter with a Junior righty of their own: Luke Olsen.