Live Blog – B1G Tourney – Round 2 – Iowa

Hoosiers and Hawkeyes play for the cat bird’s seat – battle of aces

By Carl James @jovian34 May 25th, 2023 – photo of Hoosiers during the anthem by Cassady Palmer

Bottom 9th: Iowa 9, Indiana 4 (FINAL)

Indiana goes down 1-2-3. Iowa in the catbird seat. Indiana now has a loser’s bracket date with Michigan Friday at 3pm.

Top 9th: Iowa 9, Indiana 4

Hayden back out for the ninth trying to keep it within one. ⭐Josh Pyne playing in cuts down a run at the plate on a ball up the line. A couple of infield singles plate another Hawkeye run. Sam Petersen breaks it open with a three-run homer.

Bottom 8th: Iowa 5, Indiana 4

Hoosiers strikeout 1-2-3.

Top 8th: Iowa 5, Indiana 4

Foley walks the lead-off batter. A failed sacrifice bunt attempt gets an out without advancing the runner. Foley plunks the next batter. Luke Hayden is the new Hoosier pitcher. Hayden gets his first batter out with a swing strikeout. A flyout sends the Hoosiers back to the dugout.

Bottom 7th: Iowa 5, Indiana 4

Devin Taylor grounds out up the middle to the third baseman who was shifted there. A pair of strikeouts ends the inning quickly.

Top 7th: Iowa 5, Indiana 4

Craig Yoho is the new Indiana pitcher. ⭐ Josh Pyne makes a great play for out number one. Yoho walks the next batter. An infield hit has two on with one out. Yoho is struggling to command his off speed, comes back with the fastball and gives up an RBI single. Connor Foley in to try and hold the lead. Foley can’t put his first batter away on a 3-2 count and walks the bases loaded. Hoosier killer Kyle Huckstorf clears the bases with a double. Glasser guns down Huckstorf on a fielder’s choice, and Foley ends the inning with another fielder’s choice.

Bottom 6th: Iowa 1, Indiana 4

Two free passes lead to runners on the corners with two outs for Phillip Glasser. Iowa is making another pitching change. Phillip Glasser takes a 1-2 pitch up the middle for an RBI single.

Top 6th: Iowa 1, Indiana 3

Sinnard had to labor through this inning, but even after loading the bases with a hit-by-pitch, he gets head coach Jeff Mercer to allow him to stay in and he gets the flyout he needed to complete the quality start with no earned runs.

Bottom 5th: Iowa 1, Indiana 3

Phillip Glasser walks to lead off the inning. Brecht at 83 pitches. A fielder’s choice has Whalen replace Glasser. Taylor gets behind 0-2 but rips a pitch up the middle to get Whalen into scoring position. Brecht falls behind 2-0 to Brock Tibbitts and this prompts a pitching coach mound visit. Tibbitts avoids an inning ending double play. Brecht’s day is done. The lefty in to face Mathison forces him to ground out to end the inning.

Top 5th: Iowa 1, Indiana 3

Sinnard freezes a batter for a looking strikeout. A single to right gives Iowa a one-out baserunner. A strikeout, but a stole base has a runner in scoring position. A walk marks Sinnard’s 94th pitch. Pyne crashes into the tarp trying to get the last out. Sinnard gets out of the jam with a flyout.

Bottom 4th: Iowa 1, Indiana 3

Brecht is now locating his curveball just below the strike zone and Hoosier hitters are swinging at it. Leads to a 1-2-3 inning on soft contact. Brecht still under 80 pitches. Indiana has lost it’s opportunity to run Brecht early.

Top 4th: Iowa 1, Indiana 3

A strikeout is followed up by a single. Sinnard plunks Huckstorf on a 2-2 pitch. That brings pitching coach Dustin Glant out for a mound visit. Sinnard is assessed an 0-1 pitch clock violation, but gets a fly out to right. A ground ball to third ends the threat.

Bottom 3rd: Iowa 1, Indiana 3

Taylor pops up. Tibbitts rips a ball and is robbed of a single. Mathison gets an infield single on a jammed dribbler. Pyne flies out to end the inning. Brecht is still having some command issues and is at 69 pitches now.

Top 3rd: Iowa 1, Indiana 3

Sinnard strikes out the first batter of the inning. A ground ball fielded on the first base bag is the second out. A first pitch ground out ends the inning and Sinnard is at 53 pitches.

Bottom 2nd: Iowa 1, Indiana 3

Hunter Jessee is plunked on the first pitch. Tyler Cerny rips a single up the middle. Peter Serruto bunts them over on the sacrifice. Iowa bullpen has more action. Glasser strikes out. With Whalen at the plate a wild pitch allows Jessee to score before Whalen strikes out.

Top 2nd: Iowa 0, Indiana 2

Kyle Huckstorf gets on with a single. He steals second. Peter Serruto over throws allowing Huckstorf to get to third. A shallow fly ball to right is the first out. Taylor assumes Huckstorf is going and makes a wild throw and then Huckstorf does score. Two more fly balls end the inning. Sinnard has had to throw a lot of pitches.

Bottom 1st: Iowa 0, Indiana 2

Phillip Glasser draws a lead off four-pitch walk. Bobby Whalen is hit by the 12th pitch of his plate appearance to get Glasser to second prompting a mound visit and firing up the Iowa bullpen. Devin Taylor strikes out on three pitches. Glasser and Whalen double steal with one out. Tibbits works the count full. Tibbitts rips a ball the other way for a two RBI double. Tibbitts is thrown out trying to extend it to a triple. Carter Mathison walks and Pyne strikes out to end the inning.

Top 1st: Iowa 0, Indiana 0

First pitch is a ground ball scored an error on Brock Tibbitts who failed to scoop the throw from Pyne. Luke Sinnard walks the next batter. A mistake pitch is a single that loads the bases with no outs. Sinnard gets the first out at home on a soft comebacker. A three pitch strike out makes it two outs. A fielder’s choice gets Sinnard out of the jam unscathed.