Home Opener Wednesday March 7 4pm

Before we know it we’ll be back at The Bart. Still some business to attend to first though. 


Hoosier Baseball hits the road today to head 1,060 miles south. Destination , The 2018 SnowBird Baseball Classic in Port Charlotte, Florida. 


We’ll be heavy favorites all weekend but baseball doesn’t always seem to care who is supposed to win.  

Sounds like Stiever and Milto to start like last weekend but no news on Sunday yet.  

I’m sure they are all looking forward to that trip to San Diego but California can wait for now.

Take care of business in Florida first and head back North 6-1. That’s the plan at least.  Last weekend went better than most expected. Hopefully this weekend goes exactly as planned. 

Go Hoosiers ! 

— CF 


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Let’s Go Hoosiers !

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