Field of 64 Projection Sunday Morning

Metrics based projection before last day of season

By Carl James @jovian34 May 28th, 2023 11:20am

With some automatic bids yet to be awarded, I projected any possible remaining stolen bids to be stolen and using metrics produced a field-of-64. Now the actual NCAA committee will take notes for each “Regional Advisory Committee” into account. I don’t have those kinds of insights, so that is the biggest potential flaw in my projection. Unlike other publications, I note a 1 through 64 seeding in my projection, but only the top-16 national seeds (hosts) are paired that way. There is a lot of geography consideration in my pairings, though 1-seeds are all 1-6, 2-seeds are 17-32, 3-seed are 33-48, and 4-seeds are 49-64. I thought this would be helpful to show the relative strength of each regional assignment.

First Four Out:

Last Four In: