Coach Lemonis takes the Mississippi State job


Breaking News 

by Chris Feeny • @iubase17 • June 24

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of Summer League stats and Hoosier Alumni updates to share some breaking news. 

Coach Lemonis has been offered the head coaching position at Mississippi State. And, as would be expected, he’s taking it.

Right now it is unsure who from the staff might be going with him. It is unsure what recruits will still be Hoosier Baseball signees after his departure. It is unsure the details of the deal or what deal was offered to him here to remain head coach.  All those details will surely come out in the days ahead. 

What is sure is that Coach Lemonis kept the standard in Bloomington as high as it was when Skip left. Hoosier Baseball returned to the NCAA’s 3 more times and this program continued to be on the national radar. These things were not guaranteed after the talent that left Bloomington as Coach arrived. But he made sure of it.  

Here are some reports from the media regarding the coaching change 

MIke Schumann from The Daily Hoosier 

Stu Jackson from 

Nat Newell from The Indy Star 

Coaching is all about opportunity. Mississippi State, as it should have, was seen as an great opportunity for Coach Lemonis. The Hoosier Baseball Head Coaching job, as it should be, just became a great opportunity for many as well.  We’ll know more details soon about who those coaches are.  Soon a ‘short list’ will come out about who might be heading our way.

For now, I wish the Lemonis family good luck in their new opportunity and say thanks for keeping the bar raised high in Bloomington. 

And I’m keeping my Lemo Hat. It was a good run. 



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