B1G Pick ’em – Week 1

The @SeeYouAtTheBart gang will pick every non-Hooosier B1G series for season long bragging rights

by Carl James •@jovian34 • March 23rd, 2022
Results for Week 1 are final

Follow along all nine weeks of the B1G season as Carl James, Cassady Palmer, Chris Feeny, and Josh Bennett try to read the baseball tea leaves and pick every B1G series winner (not including series Indiana plays).

Record Before0-00-00-00-0
Record After1-22-11-22-1

Pick’em results color code key:

Series startIndiana
Series winning 1-0Indiana
Series losing 1-0Indiana
Series tied 1-1Indiana
Series wonIndiana
Series lostIndiana
Series does not qualify*Indiana

*for a series to qualify it must go at least two official games and have a clear winner. A clear winner almost always requires two wins. In the rare case of a two-game series it can be a win plus a tie. Only the last game of a B1G series can be declared a tie.