Scoreboard Watching Week 13

Who should Hoosier fans be rooting for (besides Indiana)

By Carl James @jovian34 May 12th, 2023

Why do other games matter?

Both the B1G title race and the race for entry into the NCAA Tournament depend on what happen in other series. I lay out series that I think will have a clear interest one way over the other.

Series (root for the team on the left):

  • Minnesota over Maryland (Maryland wins 2-1)
  • Illinois over Rutgers (Rutgers wins 2-1)
  • Gonzaga over Oklahoma (OK leads 2-0)
  • Long Beach State over UC Santa Barbara (LB wins 2-1)
  • Cal State Northridge over UC Irvine (Northridge wins 2-1)
  • Mizzou over Georgia (Mizzou sweeps 3-0)
  • Alabama over Texas A&M (series tied 1-1)
  • Clemson over VA Tech (Clemson sweeps 3-0)
  • Oregon over Washington (Washington sweeps 3-0)
  • Baylor over TCU (TCU leads 2-0)
  • West VA over Texas Tech (WV wins 2-1)
  • Xavier over St. Johns (Xavier wins 2-1)
  • Dallas Baptist over UTSA (Dallas Baptist sweeps 3-0)
  • Akron over Notre Dame (Notre Dame sweeps 3-0)
  • Marshall over Troy (Troy sweeps 3-0)
  • Ball State over Miami (OH) (Ball State wins 2-1)