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Live Blog: Long Beach State Sunday

Live Blog for Sunday action as Indiana plays for a share of the winning weekend of the Keith Le Clair Classic, hosted by East Carolina

By Carl James @jovian34 March 5th, 2023

Top 9th: Hoosiers 4, Dirtbags 10 (FINAL)

Cerny flies out. Serruto gets another single make it three hits on the day, doubling his hit total on the season. Sam Murrison pinch runs for Serruto at first. Glasser draws a one-out walk to get Murrison into scoring position. Whalen grounds into a double play to end the game. Long Beach State sweeps the weekend to claim the Keith Le Clair Classic. Indiana is 1-2 on the weekend and falls to 5-6 on the season. Seti Manase takes the loss.

Bottom 8th: Hoosiers 4, Dirtbags 10

Connor Foley is the new Hoosier pitcher. A lead off single is followed up by a fly ball to center. Whalen dropped it, but there was a question whether it was dropped in transition. That is under replay review and it is ruled a catch. The runner is ruled to have tagged up and is granted second. A quick two outs ends the inning without a Long Beach run.

Top 8th: Hoosiers 4, Dirtbags 10

Another new Long Beach State pitcher. Mathison grounds out to the pitcher. Brock Tibbitts strikes out looking, and Ellis pops out to the catcher foul to end the inning.

Bottom 7th: Hoosiers 4, Dirtbags 10

Whiteaker gets two quick contact outs. The next batter walks on a full count. That runner advances to third on a single to right by the 9-hole hitter prompting a mound visit by pitch coach Dustin Glant. Whiteaker escapes the threat with a pop up to Serruto.

Top 7th: Hoosiers 4, Dirtbags 10

Peter Serruto leads off the inning with a single. Glasser walks to get Serruto into scoring position and prompts a Dirtbag mound visit. Whalen fouls off a couple of pitches and works the count full before popping it up to shallow right for the first out. Jessee is robbed of a hit by a great play at first base. Pyne grounds into a fielder’s choice to send the game to the stretch. This felt like the Hoosier’s best chance for another big inning, but nothing going.

Bottom 6th: Hoosiers 4, Dirtbags 10

Hayden walks the lead-off runner who is bunted into scoring position. An infield single puts runners at the corners with one out. Hayden picks off the runner at first for out number two. Another infield single drives in the runner from third. Hayden then throws a pick-off attempt past Tibbitts to get another runner into scoring position. Another walk ends Hayden’s day. Evan Whiteaker is the new Hoosier pitcher. A flyout ends the inning.

Top 6th: Hoosiers 4, Dirtbags 9

The top of the Hoosier order is up. Two quick outs and then Jessee and Pyne both get on with a singles. Carter Mathison works a 2-2 full and then draws a walk to load the bases for Tibbitts who holds up his check swing and walks in a run. Long Beach State goes to the bullpen. Mathew Ellis rips an RBI single to left plating two more Hoosiers.

Bottom 5th: Hoosiers 1, Dirtbags 9

Sophomore Luke Hayden is the new Indiana pitcher. Glasser makes a good play for the first out. Hayden plunks the next batter. A single on the ground through the left side of the infield has a runner in scoring position. A passed ball by Serruto advances the lead runner to third. A wild pitch advances the other runner into scoring position. An 3-2 RBI single adds a couple more runs. Next batter strikes out. Serruto ends the inning by catching a delayed stealer.

Top 5th: Hoosiers 1, Dirtbags 7

Zeglin is still having his way with Hoosier bats. Matthew Ellis grounds out to start the inning. Cerny is jammed up and lines out to second. Peter Serruto strikes out.

Bottom 4th: Hoosiers 1, Dirtbags 7

Risedorph allows a lead off walk. A fielder’s choice to Tyler Cerny replaces the runner at first. A wild pitch advances the runner into scoring position. Pyne fields a tough chopper for the second out. Glasser makes a great play as well to end the inning with no damage.

Top 4th: Hoosiers 1, Dirtbags 7

Whalen gets on via a ground ball and advances to second on a Jessee groundout. Josh Pyne is called out on a check swing strike. Mathison hits an RBI-single driving in Whalen. Brock Tibbitts strikes out to end the inning.

Bottom 3rd: Hoosiers 0, Dirtbags 7

A lead-off single by the 9-hole hitter starts the inning for Long Beach State. A flyout to left gets Manase one out. Ty Borgogno fouls a lot of pitches off and walks on a full count to put a Dirtbag in scoring position. Manase fields a swinging bunt and steps on first base for the second out. Glasser can’t reel in a hard hit ball scoring an unearned run on the error. A shot off of the left field wall drives in two more. The next pitch is a two-run bomb to right field and the Dirtbags take a huge lead. Hammond goes back-to-back over the left field wall.

Jeff Mercer is out to replace Manase. Freshman righty Brayden Risedorph is the new Hoosier pitcher and gets a quick out to end the inning.

Top 3rd: Hoosiers 0, Dirtbags 1

Matthew Ellis drives a single to right. Tyler Cerny replaces him with a fielder’s choice. Tyler Cerny is thrown out trying to steal second. Peter Serruto gets a single to right to keep the inning going bringing up the top of the order. Glasser has a loud flyout to right center to end the inning. Hoosier bats seem more comfortable facing Nico Zeglin this inning.

Bottom 2nd: Hoosiers 0, Dirtbags 1

A single gets a runner in scoring position when Mathison misplays the ball in left field. A sac bunt puts that runner on third. A safety squeeze attempt is busted up by a great play from Seti Manase getting the out at first and holding the runner at third. Jack Hammond laces a ball down the third base line for and RBI double on a full count. A flyball to center ends the inning.

Top 2nd: Hoosiers 0, Dirtbags 0

Josh Pyne strikes out on a curveball and Carter Mathison flies out and the first pitch of his at bat. Brock Tibbitts strikes out looking.

Bottom 1st: Hoosiers 0, Dirtbags 0

Manase gets behind 3-0 to the leadoff batter, works it full, then after a few foul offs get a ground ball out. Second and third batters goes down on three straight strikes. So Manase throws three balls and then a dozen straight strikes.

Top 1st: Hoosiers 0, Dirtbags 0

Glasser strikes out on a ball in the dirt and is thrown at at first. Whalen grounds out on a chopper to shortstop. Jessee is struck out to end the inning.

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