Happy Chad Clark Day to all who celebrate


I moved to Bloomington in January of 2014 but it didn’t take long to learn that the quickest way to watch someone smile was to just say those five words. 


The Chad Clark Home Run


Well, I guess three words could do it too but that was a different sport and a different date. 



Five years ago today. Can’t even imagine what that must’ve been like at The Bart.

What a moment.  


I’ve seen it. 



I’ve read about it. 




Ive heard people tell stories about it. 

From The Seats At The Bart – T.C.



It really does seem like something out of movie. I hope somewhere Chad is smiling today. He sure made plenty of people smile that night. 











And hopefully tomorrow night Hoosier Baseball has us all smiling too, even if it’s all the way from Austin, Texas. 


Go Hoosiers ! 


— CF 






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