Fall Ball Practice Update – 9.26.19

By Chris Feeny • @iubase17 • Sept 26 

Friend of the site, Paul Goldberg, was out at The Bart today and shares his update with us. 

‘’Saw 4 guys pitch to two groups of hitters today. 
McCade Brown looked real good, low 90’s fastball and nice breaking pitches. Nobody hit him hard at all. 
Austin Long looked pretty good doesn’t necessarily throw real hard but mixed the ball up well with a nice breaking ball and change. He made one bad pitch and Ethan Vecrumba hit it into the fence behind the 408 foot sign in right field. Went out like a rocket but that was really about all the hitting off Long 
Alex Franklin looked good as well low 90’s fast ball and some decent off speed stuff as well, nobody hit him hard at all most guys didn’t really get a good swing at him
David Platt, that’s an entirely different affair, he simply overpowered all the hitters got it up to 95 several times. If he can develop anything offspeed, he’s going to be impossible to hit at this level, Vecrumba hit one ball hard and Jeremy grounded a 95 MPH fastball down the right field line right along the baseline on the ground but otherwise Platt just was basically unhittable. 
The guys who did not take batting practice against any of the four guys I saw pitch included the three big hitters, Barr, Dunham and Richardson. I would like to see Platt pitch to Barr and Dunham for sure since both of them have quick bats. 
Grant Richardson spent some time in center taking extra fly balls from Wyatt Cross to get better in dealing with the sun. He looked a lot more comfortable today out there.
Tomorrow I think Krueger among others will throw to the hitters, that should give Coach Parker a better handle on his staff, since Krueger is a potential closer. 
It seems that the pitching staff may be in decent shape for the season, Bierman, Sommer, Platt, Franklin, Brown as potential starters, Long, Scott, Manous, Krueger, Sloan and Litwicki in the bullpen. I have not seen Sharpe, Steele, Stahl, Walker, Wilkinson, or Hacker pitch so I don’t know anything about them. Also have not seen Bothwell, Tucker or Petrosino on the mound ‘’ 
Thanks Again Paul for the update. Weather looks great for Tuesday. If it fits your schedule feel free to come by early. The iubase.com Tailgate will be up and running by 2pm. First Pitch 4:30. 



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